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How do you make money with Renatus Wellness?

Renatus NOVA Business Owners (Renatus NOVA Direct Selling) make money when their customers buy Renatus Wellness Renatus NOVA Nutraceuticals Product and when others in their team sell products.
Primarily, money can be made by Financial Bonus. This income will be calculated weekly.
Financial Bonus is segregated into four major bonuses.
  • Retail Bonus
  • Dual Team Tournover Bonus
  • Generation Adversement Bonus 
  • Team Development Bonus
Retail BonusRenatus NOVA distributors are able to sell their products at a mark-up (the difference between cost and retail price) to earn retail margin on the sale.
Every distributor is eligible to make impresd money by selling amazing Nutraceutical and dietary supplement product Renatus NOVA on MRP. Retail Profit upto 34%.

Dual Team Tournover Bonus – Renatus NOVA distributors can receive weekly Dual Team Tournover bonuses based on their team’s sales volume – how many products and what types of products they sell. Package Up-gradation, lot order and any repurchase will be also calculated. Enjoy highest Dual Team Tournover Bonus upto 16% weekly.
Condition to get the bonus (One Time) – 2 Active Directs
(1 Left: 1 Right) But not necessary by Self Direct, placed under will be counted.

You can enjoy Dual Team Turnover Bonus (DTTB) every week according with your Designation Rank and Package.

Generation Adversement Bonus – As business grows and new members join their group, Renatus NOVA distributors receive weekly bonuses based on the product sales volume of their team.  Distributors are awarded growth incentives for reaching key business building milestones, such as Generation Adversement Bonus. 
 Enjoy Generation Adversement Bonus @10% from your downline.

Team Development Bonus – Every direct seller will receive Two Renatus NOVA bottles as a complementary (Free!) without being charged anything extra for the same quantum of work.

Obviously, the compensation earned by distributors varies widely, and is largely dependent on what their goals are and how much time and effort they consistently put into the business.  

Distributors are awarded growth incentives for reaching key business building milestones, such as one-time cash awards and business trips.
Renatus Wellness Business Opportunity is flexible; it can be taken as a part time or full time business. You can enjoy 11 types of Bonus Income.


Chose any package from Renatus Wellness business plan. Giving you a chance to build your own business at your pace and achieve the rewards and recognition linked to the plan and at the same time, helping other people do the same.

Renatus Wellness Business

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